Why I love my mask

Twelve reasons to put on a mask, other than the fact that they save lives


Lilah Kimble

Masks can get annoying, but they’re not all bad.


Masks. Who would have guessed that a little piece of cloth would become such a hot-button issue in 2020, and yet here we are.

Whether you love to hate them or hate to love them, everybody has an opinion on them — myself included. And while I am a hard-core supporter of masks, I do feel the need to offer a slight disclaimer before I dive deep into the depths of masking benefits.

I realize that wearing a mask in certain circumstances, such as during a particularly soul-sucking Boot Camp workout, is not fun, and can in fact be downright awful.

This list is not meant to suddenly cure that experience. Rather, I’m trying to provide a little glass-half-full view of our new best friends in the hopes that it can bring a little positivity into your day, and maybe — just maybe — even help you to reevaluate your position on them.

So without further ado, here’s 12 reasons (in no particular order) why I love my mask:

1) Masks can serve as a great conversation starter. Just the other day I was waiting in the d-hall line, rocking my pink Rapunzel mask and listening to a podcast, when a girl struck up a conversation with me about the Tangled soundtrack. We ended up chatting for a few minutes. It was a great opportunity to talk about something I normally wouldn’t with someone I normally wouldn’t.

2) Masks can be the perfect accessory to your outfit. A fun, patterned mask can be a great accent piece to a monochromatic look, or can be used to lighten up an outfit. They’re just like statement earrings or a purse, in that they can provide a little “pop!” of fun to something mundane.

3) You can forget about foundation! This one is big, as makeup can be quite expensive (all my fellow Tarte lovers understand). I don’t even wear skin makeup anymore, a switch which will have saved me at least $100 by the end of 2020. Cha-ching!

4) Related to number three, skipping foundation means that my morning routine is significantly decreased. All I have to do is roll out of bed, wash my face, slap a mask on, and call it a day! The coverage of a mask instead of foundation saves me about 10 minutes of sleep a day, which adds up to around an hour of extra sleep a week. Over the course of an entire semester, that’s a ton of zzz’s!

5) Now this one’s a biggie: masks can hide acne. As a person who has struggled with breakouts for years, there is no worse feeling than waking up to a monster whitehead that refuses to be tamed by concealer. But have no fear, a mask is here! Literally nobody will be able to see your skin, which can be a confidence lifesaver.

6) In normal times, having garlic or onions and then rushing off to class or practice without brushing your teeth can be bad. But this changes with a mask! While you still have to deal with the taste, there is the benefit that nobody else will be bothered by the stink. A small yet meaningful win.

7) Fellow pale people, this one’s for you: masks help prevent sunburns. Due to my ghost-like complexion, I can only be in the sun for about 15 minutes before the first tint of a burn starts to appear on my skin, which essentially means I can’t leave my room without sunscreen. But come on, I’m only human, and sunscreen can be both annoying and expensive! Masks are the perfect solution for this problem. They’re built-in face sun- screen at its finest.

8) Another biggie: while wearing a mask you don’t need to worry about having things in your teeth! Nobody can even remember what your teeth look like! Go enjoy that spinach.

9) Like probably every person on this campus, I don’t get enough sleep. That means that I yawn pretty frequently throughout the day, which can be quite awkward during a class. But this year, thanks to my handy-dandy mask, you can’t even tell if I’m yawning! No more uncomfortable-mid-class-while-the-professor-is-looking-at-you yawns for me.

10) Between a mask and my bangs, pretty much all you can see of me is my eyes. But — narcissistic moment! — I am quite okay with that. My eyes are arguably my best feature, and the eyes are the window into the soul. I love that they now have heightened attention brought to them.

11) Cute reusable masks provide a reason to online-shop. If you’re like me and you are constantly fighting both the urge to shop and the urge to save money, reusable-mask-shopping provides the perfect middle ground. After all, it doesn’t really count as spending when it’s on something essential that does so much good, right??

12) And finally, last but certainly not least (especially for those of us who are prone to it), masks provide a perfect way to hide a blush. Embarrassed that you get called out in class? Don’t worry, nobody can see your beet-red face. Say something dumb to that girl you really like? It’s all good, your cheeks won’t give you away.

Moral of the story is that your mask has your back, and by wearing it you have everyone else’s backs too. Let’s keep doing our part to make this campus and this world a safer place!