An ode to self love

The real valentine we need to honor, but rarely do: ourselves.

Bri Hatch

Roses are red, 

We’re all feeling a bit blue, 

So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, 

Here’s what I propose we do. 


It’s no secret that the pandemic causes a lack,

Of the social interaction we need to keep our sanity intact. 

So, we’re mostly stuck with the thoughts in our own mind —

And if we have to be there, we ought to make those thoughts kind. 


So, as my post-Valentine’s Day resolution, I’m making self-love my goal,

Focusing on one of the few things about 2021 I can at least try to control.

Though our constant need to be productive puts up a good fight,

I’m casting this line in hope that something will bite. 


If you need some motivation, let’s make it a pact: 

At this point we’re all desperate to feel some sort of social contact. 

And if your usual wellness ideas are tried and tired,

Here are some more that are Valentine’s-Day-inspired:


2021 is truly the year of celebrating little wins, 

So pay yourself a compliment as each day begins. 

Or write yourself a weekly valentine to add some flare, 

Nothing like a personal love note to show some self-care. 


To give your knack for retail therapy a needed update,

Take yourself out for a fancy dinner — like a personal date!

Or buy yourself something you’ve been longing for, 

These days we all deserve a reward for even making it out the door.


Gifting yourself a box of chocolates also never hurts,

You know what they say: stressed spelled backwards is desserts. 

And when you feel like your life (or room) is getting really messy,

Take yourself on a long, romantic walk along the…Chessie? 


In all honesty, I don’t really care what you do — do whatever gives you that little spark of joy, that little boost of confidence. I’m just advocating for giving yourself a little extra love right now, because someone has to say it —  and I know for a fact that at least one person needs to hear it. Even if that one person is just myself. 


PS: I am highly aware of how cheesy this poem is. Full disclosure, it just made me happy to rhyme something. The entertainment bar is super low these days. And that’s my act of self-love for today. Your move.