Mr. G’s food truck satisfies Lexington’s sweet tooth

“Mr. G” serves up delicious donuts off of Lee Highway

Virginia Laurie

For those looking to get a quick sugar fix, Mr. G’s doughnut truck might be just the place to visit. 

Serving two new signature flavors every day along with their regular selection of raised yeast doughnuts, Mr. G’s mobile doughnut truck lives in the parking lot of the Bargain Barn antique store off of Lee Highway. 

On Wednesday, April 7, the truck offered lemon filled and bavarian creme as their signature flavors along with their daily glazed, Chocolate Dipped, blueberry, cinnamon sugar and powdered.

Customers can visit Mr. G’s facebook page to see the next day’s flavors which are usually ready around 7:30 a.m. 

Mr. G, or Gene Showker, said that despite the more unique offerings, glazed is still the overall most popular flavor he sells. 

“I, myself, am partial to the blueberry,” he said. 

Showker began serving doughnuts six years ago, during the summer of 2015. 

After 13 years of construction work, Showker moved back to the Staunton area to join his father in the coffee business. Showker took over his father’s business in 1996 and sold it in 2019, after 23 years. 

Now, he’s focused on making the best doughnuts possible. 

“I was in business with a guy in Harrisonburg, but after a year, I branched off and started my own truck with just doughnuts,” he said. 

Showker lives in Greenville, but he said there are just not enough customers for food trucks in Augusta County. Right outside of historical Lexington, he’s able to serve the population of 7,000 and the local campuses like Washigton and Lee University and Virginia Military Institute. 

Tash Gengler, ‘22, said her favorite flavor was the bavarian creme, while Laurie Lee, ‘22, vouched for the fruit flavors. 

Gengler said Showker reminds her of some of the food trucks she enjoys back home in Delaware. 

“I love going to Mr. G’s to support a small up-and-coming business and get some delicious donuts,” she said.