Joe Biden’s first 100 days: average at best

Jess Kishbaugh

President Joe Biden either completed or started most of what he said he would, but personally I feel it wasn’t quite enough. Some of the issues that I feel are particularly important I think Biden is behind on.

First, I’ll mention what he did well For reference, the Associated Press has a great infographic on all of Biden’s promises and where he stands on them thus far. If you’re interested I recommend checking it out.

According to that infographic, as far as COVID-19 goes, Biden has fulfilled most of his promises. He’s vaccinated over 100 million Americans, rejoined the World Health Organization, re-opened a lot of schools, and succeed-ed in most of his other health related promises.

But as COVID-19 has been arguably the most pressing issue in his first 100 days, it makes sense that those goals are complete. He’s also met all of his economic promises, except for increasing corporate taxes, which, granted, is a big one.

Apart from COVID-19 and economics, many of his other goals are incomplete. Two big categories for me are immigration and gun control. While he’s completed a lot of immigration goals, such as reuniting families and stopping the border wall from being built, it isn’t enough.

According to the New York Times, with a new influx of border crossings, specifically of unaccompanied minors, the flaws in America’s immigration system are being highlighted. The shelters intended for unaccompanied minors are quickly being filled and the structures in place meant to protect these kids are struggling to keep up.

Biden needs to do better and address some of his other promises like reform-ing the citizenship and asylum processes, keeping detainees from being held for extended periods of time, and adjusting training of ICE agents.

As far as gun control goes, Biden didn’t promise much. His goals were to give Congress a bill to stop protecting gun makers, keep guns from abusers, request recommendations on enforcing gun control, and request an FBI report on loopholes in background checks.

None of these promises have been kept.

Gun control has come back to the forefront of America’s mind in recent months as mass shootings appear to be on the rise, and yet Biden hasn’t made tangible progress in this realm. Accord-ing to the Associated Press, the first three promises have all been started in some sort of way (and one is caught up in legal processes), but similar to immigration, it’s not enough.

As I said before, I think Biden is do-ing okay as far as his campaign promises go. He’s done a lot that I didn’t touch on, but he’s also failed at a lot that I didn’t touch on.

However, Biden has a lot of damage to undo, and I can’t begin to imagine how difficult that is. But the point re-mains that Biden made a lot of promises he didn’t keep – and his promises dictate millions of lives. I also don’t think that the 100 day benchmark is a fair point to judge how well a person has done their job, but that’s an opinion for another time.