Foodside debuts delicious winter menu

The delights of the new foodside menu and helpful tips for ordering

Diana Sturdy

One of the greatest perks of third-year living is the easy access to a rotating Foodside menu of delicious bowls and wraps. Although living in the third-year village has a range of perks, from weekend games of cornhole on the green to the sense of community in the decreased divisiveness of Greek life, Foodside is truly the highlight. The restaurant boasts a great seating area and easy walking distance for upperclassmen. 

To kick off the new year, Foodside has introduced their “Ginger and Garlic” menu, complete with an optional side of spring rolls.

The new menu offers a range of bases including lettuce, fried rice and noodles. All pair well with mains of orange chicken, tofu and broccoli. These enjoyable combinations are complimented by a range of toppings including asparagus, mango, corn, oranges, carrots and edamame. 

Finally, a range of sauces including  BBQ and Yum Yum sauce completes the dish. The ingredients come together in either a bowl or wrap style, depending on your liking.

My personal order is a bowl of fried rice, noodles, orange chicken, broccoli and sweet chili vinaigrette. 

This combination pairs well with asparagus and mandarin oranges, however these ingredients have a cold temperature, a jarring contrast to the other warm ingredients. When I add these toppings, I often find myself heating the bowl up in my microwave to match the temperatures of the ingredients.

The one pitfall of the menu is the classification of broccoli as a main dish, meaning that if you select it, you cannot have chicken or tofu unless you pay an additional $3. 

The extra cost quickly pushes the meal over the meal swipe limit and into flex funds, or a steep overall cost for freshmen. 

There is the option to purchase a half-and-half selection. In selecting this choice, a customer can purchase both broccoli and another main, though the portion is cut in half.

In addition to the current options, the Foodside menu could benefit from a seafood option like salmon or shrimp. A teriyaki sauce option would also pair nicely with the current offerings. 

Additionally, the spring rolls might be better substituted for more popular egg rolls or dumplings that would better compliment the current menu. 

However, the current offerings provide a delicious and unique selection that give students a refreshing array of options and tastes. Washington and Lee University should definitely bring back this menu next year as it is one of my favorites!

The line is typically short if you manage to avoid the 6 p.m. dinner rush, although the line is worth the wait and the staff always work to move quickly. 

The staff has developed an efficient station system to keep the line moving and ensure that your order is correct. Additionally, they are always kind and seem to genuinely care about the students.

If you have not already checked out the new Foodside menu, you definitely should. Even for those who live further away, it’s worth the travel and a great place to eat with friends!