Campus Notices glitch resolved

Alexandra Seymour

Feeling out of the loop with campus happenings? This may be because you haven’t checked your junk mail recently.

Campus Notices has been experiencing glitches since this past summer, when changes made to several IT systems caused Office 365, the student email system, to identify these emails as spam.

As a result of Campus Notices repeatedly undergoing unexplained periods of getting marked as spam, Jeff Overholtzer from Information and Technology Services said that a change made to the email system on Oct. 27 should now ensure their delivery.

But just three days later, students’ daily updates were absent from inboxes once again. This time, ITS promptly addressed the situation, which resumed proper delivery of Campus Notices for the next day.

Some students are glad they are finally receiving Campus Notices again because they think it is an effective system for keeping students caught up on campus.

“I read Campus Notices almost every day,” said Shane Siebkien,’17. “And I’ve had some excellent opportunities because of the notices.”

“I [used to] read Campus Notices a whole lot over the summer when they came into my inbox,” said Mamie Smith ’18. “Now that they’re in my inbox again, I’ll definitely start reading them because I find them helpful.”

ITS hopes to overcome these glitches in order to make Campus Notices a more reliable source of information for students. They encourage students to notify the Information Desk immediately if they encounter this problem again.

“With student help, ITS can improve the accuracy of the spam filter,” said Overholtzer.