The ultimate soccer mom

Kappa Alpha Theta’s house mom takes the position to a whole new level


Parker Pitts

Leaving home is tough.  No more home-cooked meals or cozy living rooms.  More importantly, no more mom.  Your number one supporter no longer lives with you.  Without your obligatory fan, who is sure to come to every sporting event, cheering you on with the unprejudiced pride of a mother?

While many college athletes must accept the support of fellow students and teammates, the girls of Kappa Alpha Theta say they are lucky to have a “soccer mom” of their own.

Theta House Mom Betsey Williams has taken her job to a whole new level.  Rain or shine, Williams attends every home sporting event that a Theta is a part of.

“I love athletics, but I also love just being there, watching my girls play,” said Williams.

With Theta representing over six women’s sports teams at Washington and Lee, that’s quite a dedication.  She said that she attends an average of three to four events each week.

If two games are scheduled at the same time, Williams has found a way to watch both at the same time. She said that she discovered the live streaming feature on  This enables her to be at one game while watching the other on her smartphone—almost like being in two places at once.

It doesn’t matter how cold it gets outside, or how busy she is.  She always makes it.  These acts of kindness remain in the hearts of her girls, too.

“I can remember during my sophomore season Women’s Lacrosse was playing a game at home in the pouring rain, absolutely freezing, and quite possibly some hail,” said Cara Mulligan, senior lacrosse goalie. “We were playing well and beating the other team by quite a bit, but we had few fans as it was a game in the middle of the week. When I looked up into the stands I saw Ms. Betsey sitting there all bundled up, with an umbrella. I really couldn’t believe that she stayed for practically the whole game, or even came at all.”

Why exactly does Williams devote so much time and energy to supporting her girls?  It isn’t in her job description, and it’s definitely not required.  She said that she does it just because she wants to.  After working throughout her life, she couldn’t find much time to go to her own kids’ games or really focus on being “just a mom.”

Living in the sorority house as Theta’s House Mom has given her the opportunity to finally focus on just being a mother, above all else.

“The only thing I’ve ever wanted to be was a mom,” said Williams.

Her devotion doesn’t go unrequited, either.  The girls are always appreciative, thanking Williams over and over again every single game.  She is a unique asset to Theta, and they show that, too.

Sororities do not typically initiate their house moms to become an official member of the chapter; it’s very rare. After only two years as the Theta House Mom, however, Williams was formally initiated into the sorority.

Following the initiation, many of the girls showered their house mom with gifts and treats.  She said that she even woke up to breakfast in bed one morning.  It has been such a touching experience for her, she said.

“It meant a lot to me that the girls went through the effort…it was very special,” said Williams.

As Williams can now proudly, and officially, wear her Kappa Alpha Theta pin, she knows that she is truly part of the sorority.  Her job isn’t only to watch over the girls, but also to be their comforter and their supporter.