White Book under review

The White Book Review Committee may potentially update honor system

Happy Carlock

Nine students are still in the early stages of reviewing and updating one of the cornerstones of student life at Washington and Lee: the Honor System.

The White Book Review Committee has played an integral role in the Honor System for the past nine years. During the 2005-2006 academic year, the committee formed and established that the Executive Committee should appoint a White Book Review Committee to examine the Honor System once every three years.

The committee is made up of three W&L law students and six undergraduate students. The EC appointed members on Oct. 1, but current members of the EC are not allowed to be on the White Book Review Committee.

This year’s committee is chaired by third-year law student Zach Wilkes, who is a member of the W&L undergraduate class of 2012. Other members include Charlotte Rhodes ’16L, Anna Zauner ’17L, Josh Gross ’16U, Jack Masterson ’16U, Paqui Toscano ’16U, Austin Piatt ’17U, Edward Thompson ’17U and Caroline Bones ’18U.

“Even though the Honor System isn’t codified, there is still a lot of procedural stuff that is outlined in the White Book,” Masterson said. “We have a great honor system, but nothing is perfect and with anything else it can always take another look.”

The committee must submit a comprehensive report on the state of the Honor System to the EC by March 1. This report will include recommendations and proposals for any changes to the White Book that they see necessary. As the committee moves forward, they will narrow their focus on specific adjustments they want to make.

“The Honor System reflects the current community at the school and what is accepted and what is not,” Masterson said. Times change and it is important to update the White Book to not only address problems that arise over time, but to make it so the White Book reflects the honor system as it is today.”