Late fall start shortens exam week

Friday no longer offered for exam scheduling, creating problems for some students

Rachel Stone

Because of the late start this fall term, the undergraduate examination schedule has been shortened by a full day of testing periods.

According to University Registrar Associate Barbara Rowe, this year’s academic calendar was approved by the faculty at their Feb. 6, 2012 faculty meeting. Otherwise, the faculty’s grading period would have lasted until Christmas Eve.

“This was discussed on the floor of the faculty meeting, and the calendar was approved to end exams on Thursday of exam week, along with having the grading deadline be one day earlier than normal,” Rowe said.

Many students are upset by this change.

“Although I am glad I get to go home earlier, I am not happy that I am more stressed,” said junior Shan Jiang. “I feel like I don’t have enough time to study for finals.”

But for some students, the change does not affect them.

Sophomore basketball player Darby Lundquist said that she was already planning to try to finish her exams by Tuesday since she has to be back on campus right after Christmas.

Another basketball player, junior Paige Corvino, disagrees.

“It makes people more stressed, especially since the first day of exams is right after classes ends … with not a lot of time to prepare for that slot on Saturday,” said Corvino. “Most people will have to cram all their finals in on the four weekdays, which is especially hard for people who have to take four finals.”

Still more students feel as if they were not warned or properly notified about the shortened week.

“[The University] should have notified students,” said junior Emma Whittemore. “I feel bad for people who booked flights, assuming they would be able to take exams on Friday.”

Rowe said that other exam options were discussed in an effort to maintain the normal period of 11 exam slots. The faculty discussed potentially having two Saturday blocks, a Sunday block, or evening blocks.

“It’s stressful planning exams and knowing you don’t have as many options,” said junior Kaela Fiutak. “I wish they could have added another slot or two to make up for missing Friday.”

Final examinations begin on Saturday, Dec. 13 at 2 p.m. and end on Thursday, Dec. 18 at 2 p.m.