Midnight Breakfast: A lasting tradition

In spite of recent rumors, the annual breakfast is happily anticipated

Asha Campbell

Despite rumors on campus of its cancellation, the Marketplace will be hosting its eleventh Midnight Breakfast on Dec. 15 from 10 PM to midnight. The event gives professors and deans a chance to serve alongside the Dining Services staff for a campus-wide event hosted during the beginning of exam week.

“Midnight Breakfast during finals is a fantastic community event allowing faculty and staff to share in the student experience,” said Dean Jason Rodocker. “I have served hundreds of omelets during Midnight Breakfast over the past 10 years and look forward to more fun conversations this year.”

“The midnight breakfast has been a tradition during finals week since before I was a freshman,” said Carolyn Petrie ’15, giving the student perspective. “Everyone who is struggling in the library or struggling alone in their rooms can go to D-Hall to take a much needed break.”

Since its inception, the Midnight Breakfast has offered students and faculty a chance to connect. In the midst of a time where students may not be feeling the love from the faculty, this annual event quickly switches the mood.

Karen Santana-Garces ’17 said, “I really like midnight breakfast because it give us such a nice distraction from the stress of finals.”

Amanda Garcia ’16 added, “In a week where I dread everything, it’s nice to have something to look forward to.”

Prior to the construction of the Marketplace, a similar event called Breakfast at Tiffany’s took place in Evans Dining Hall. The Dining Services staff dressed up in tuxedos and served a meal with the professors and deans.

Joseph Calicchio from Dining Services said, “When the Marketplace opened in 2003, they continued the tradition in a similar manner, but renamed the event Midnight Breakfast.”

This year, Dining Services has planned several events in addition to the Midnight Breakfast to celebrate the end of the year, beginning with the Tree Lighting Ceremony on Dec. 9. The Holiday Land Dessert Reception in Evans Dining Hall from 8-10 PM will follow the Tree Lighting Ceremony. Later in the week, Dining Services will host its Winter Holiday Dinner on Dec.11.

Emily Cook ’17 said, “Seeing everyone come together at D-Hall is great. because I don’t see some of my friends as much as I did last year, and it’s nice to be able to eat together again at these special events.”