General of the Week: Kira Tomenchok

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Information

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Information

Emily Cook


First-year member of the W&L Womens’ Swimming Team, K Tira Tomenchok (Richmond, VA/ Trinity Episcopal) lead the Generals to a 153-100 win over Catholic University at home on Saturday. Kira broke the 100-yard backstroke record with a time of 59.84, which had not been touched since 1983. Furthermore, Kira (along with Elisabeth Holmes, Katie Gardner, and Caroline Hamp) broke the 400-yard medley relay record which has been standing since 1999. Her successes this weekend garnered her the title of the Ring-Tum-Phi’s General of the Week. Kira took the time out of her busy schedule to go “on the record” with the Phi.

Phi: What’s your favorite swimming memory?

KT: “My favorite swimming memory this year is our training trip that we had in Miami. Even though practices were hard, everyone still had a great time at the beach and enjoyed the warm weather.”

Phi: What’s your favorite part of being on the W&L swim team?

KT: “I like how we all have such different personalities but we get along so well.”

Phi: Do you have any pre-race rituals?

KT:  “I have a stretching routine that I do behind the blocks before every race. Mostly I like to just joke around with the team before I swim so that I don’t psych myself out.”

Phi: What did you do over break?

KT: “Over break I reunited with my beloved puppies. My parents got a new puppy when I left for college, so I only get to see her over break. ”

Phi: What are your academic interests?

KT: “I’m not really sure what I want to major in, but my favorite classes this semester are Math with Professor Finch and Environmental Studies with Professor Moore.”

Phi: What music do you listen to before a race?

KT: “I don’t really listen to music before I swim. However, Rachel Baker belting out ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston always gets me pumped.”

Phi: What lead to your success this week?

KT: “D-hall Breakfast. Shout out to the tots.”

Phi: Who is your swimming inspiration?

KT: “Missy Franklin is an amazing athlete and human being. She is such an inspiration because she’s always so positive and you can tell that she just loves the sport of swimming.”

Phi: Favorite food?

KT: “Ice cream. D-hall fro-yo is sufficient too.”