Update: Selby faces new Title IX report

Shauna Muckle, Editor-in-Chief

Content Warning: This coverage includes references to sexual assault.

A Washington and Lee student filed a Title IX report against former sophomore Daniel Selby three days after he was convicted of sexual battery, documents released by the commonwealth’s attorney’s office revealed.

Selby had already been under criminal investigation—and had remained on campus—for months at the time of the alleged offense date.

Selby was convicted of sexual battery Feb. 3 after first being charged with felony sexual assault in September 2022. The resident advisor of a student filed a Title IX report against Selby Feb. 6 for an alleged incident of sexual assault that occurred in December 2022.

“The Complainant said that she wasn’t planning on telling anyone about the incident but since seeing his name appear in the media, she has been experiencing flash backs [sic] and struggling with her mental health,” a summary of the report read.

The university is required to report Title IX information to the commonwealth’s attorney. The Phi obtained those documents through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The commonwealth’s attorney’s office received documentation of 14 Title IX reports from Washington and Lee between April 2019 and February 2023. Four of those 14 reports involve students identified as repeat offenders.

Law enforcement investigates reports from Washington and Lee’s Title IX office that have identified a potential victim, Commonwealth’s Attorney Jared Moon said.